About Igloo Energy Supply Limited

We’re aiming to build the best energy company possible and we’d love you to join us.

Using smart technology alongside energy retail, we're building a company to help our make our customers lives simpler while helping them save energy and money. The traditional utility model is changing and we're looking to help our customers benefit most from that change. Big business have been offered flexible tariffs and participate in demand response schemes for years but residential customers haven't been able to benefit so far. We're hoping to change that. Through smart meter data and connected home technology we're focussed on making running a home easier for our customers by giving them the information, control and support they need through their smartphone.

We're growing quickly and are supported by some great energy industry veterans.

If you're considering applying to one of our roles but have questions or doubts or you don't see something suitable but really want to get involved, get in touch with us through: [email protected]

Current openings